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Govt quiet on heating rebate extension call, but says it will take’some time’

Govt quiet on heating rebate extension call, but says it will take’some time’

The government has said there will be no “fast-track” deal with the union over the rebate extension which will see some energy bills rise, but has not offered assurances over changes being made to how that subsidy is extended.

The government has announced that customers on fixed term energy tariffs will be able to ask for a 50% rebate before their energy bills increase, with제천출장마사지 some customers currently being asked for 60%.

A government spokeswoman told the BBC that customers would need to tell the Energy Advice화천출장안마 and Advice and Support agency if they have changed their bill to request a bigger rebate, and there would be a process in place.

The ABC has obtained two letters outlining the new rules, including one from an anonymous supplier which says he has seen plans to offer an 80% rebate to customers and also suggests that a 50% rebate would be available for some energy bills.

Readers will have to apply to Energy Advice and Advice and Support before they will be able to see the plans, which appear to be designed to get more people to apply for the rebate.

Asked if there were any plans on how to handle those customers who want the big rebate, the spokeswoman s영주출장샵aid it was currently being “processed”.

“The government will not be providing any further comment at this time until we have received details of the energy advice and advice and support response,” she said.

The union of suppliers, who are collectively referred to as SCI, has previously expressed concern that people would not be able to see or apply for changes to their energy bills, leading the union to release a report highlighting the need for more scrutiny and oversight of what suppliers do after they receive a rebate.

The ABC understands that when the union has asked for details, there has been reluctance to go public with information – and that many of the documents are still under wraps.

The ABC is not saying anything about the letter and letters obtained by ABC News, other than to say they would require the permission of energy experts.

“We haven’t seen them, but if they were genuine it would be pretty fascinating and would have to address some issues,” said Greg Cairns, from energy analyst Monash University.

Mr Cairns believes the energy agencies are going around with vague terms to scare off those who can’t afford the subsidy, making it more difficult for those with more modest energy bills to get the money.

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