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Act govt awards kingston harbour contract

Act govt awards kingston harbour contract


A $400 million contract between the federal and Victorian governments has been awarded to Queensland’s Kingston harbour, after a series of court orders forced the controversial project to be cancelled.

Federal Defence Minister Michael Barr has said the contract is for a new permanent harbour for the Royal Australian Navy at the base.

It comes after an Australian federal magistrate ruled against the government.

A federal judge’s order was issued by a federal judge in Brisbane’s Brisbane Magistrates Court in December.

It ordered a special master to conduct an “objective assessment” of the future use of the harbour and, in particular, of whether it was within the scope of부산 출장 안마 the contract.

That process is now underway to determine how best to proceed with the contract.

Mr Barr told Radio National he would not comment directly on the issue.

The $400 million deal will be divided among Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and the ACT.

Victoria’s Defence and Works Department confirmed they had been given the contract, confirming they were still working through its “finalization procedures”.

It said it was still considering whether to apply to the Federal Court for further review of the project.

“We haven’t heard anything for more than an hour so we haven’t seen the document and we need time to discuss things more,” Acting Director of Defence Contracts and Logistics Mark Lakin said.

“The government has indicated it will not comment on what has happened as it has got the contract with the judge and it’s in its final status, but the defence industry is of course obviously concerned about that and its members are of course equally so.”

The Australian Federal Police have confirmed their own assistanc포커e with the contract review as part of a national investigation into allegations of alleged anti-terror interference by Victoria.

Mr Barr said the court action had been “not without controversy” and that there would be no further comment.

He said in January there had been “no information” that security at Kingston harbour had been compromised, but that this could have a knock-on effect on other parts of the port.

“We have to make sure we use the security processes that we use at port and we will continue to do so as required,” he said.

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Flanagan has no plans to move gallen at the end of the season if Celtic remain in the Champions League, which would be a relief, and wants to make sure he has a regular place to rest his feet if he comes on from injured

Flanagan has no plans to move gallen at the end of the season if Celtic remain in the Champions League, which would be a relief, and wants to make sure he has a regular place to rest his feet if he comes on from injured.

Meanwhile, Flanagan has revealed that he still has hope that Celtic will sign new striker Thomas Munro in the summer of 2017.

The 25-year-old had been linked with Sevilla’s forward line in the summer, with the Spain international joining Barcelona and then Roma earlier in the year.

Flanagan, however, has been impressed by Munro, who helped Sevilla top the Spanish second division last term, but has ruled him out o예스 카지노f action in the future.

“It’s still very early,” Flanagan said. “At this point there are lots of things we can check but Thomas is still a player I’m not sure he can play in a big league.

“If I do go down I will바둑이 사이트 just check back in in a week’s time and see if I can still make it in. It’s all speculation at this stage but I’m hoping it can all be sorted out.

“Of course if I move back up and play I will go down as well. But as far as what I can do with the club is concerned there are lots of things you need to worry about.

“Celtic has been fantastic for me so far, they had such a big interest in me. I can’t th바카라 사이트ink of too many times when I have come here that I was not a main player. I can’t think of anyone in my life for whom I have felt a different way about the club.

“There is still so much work to be done and the club have said repeatedly that they will try and get me involved again in the spring or summer as soon as possible, so I’m delighted with the direction things are going.”