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Trump sanders win new hampshire primary” by Josh Feldman, Right Wing Watch, August 3, 2016:

Trump sanders win new hampshire primary” by Josh Feldman, Right Wing Watch, August 3, 2016:

A new race is heating up in the historic western Maryland hamlet of Harford, with three candidates vying for the GOP nod. Jon Ossoff, a 35-year-old former congressional aide who has been endorsed by the Tea Party Patriots and is backed by former Mitt Romney speechwriter Karl Rove, is the frontrunner and has won the race with more than 52 percent of the vote. But Ossoff’s campaign is running into a problem: As a lawyer by day, Ossoff is struggling to get his wife to leave her home.

Harmonization of Washington by Jonathan Martin

Politico: The GOP’s most visible candidate in the fall, Jon Ossoff, is doing “just fine” after becoming a casualty of this summer’s Trump-Clinton mudslinging

“If I had a son, he’d look like [Republican presidential candidate] Donald Trump,” said 천안안마Ossoff’s campaign chairman, Rob McK마사지ay.

“I’m pretty comfortable with the fact he’s going to win,” Ossoff adviser Ben Thompson added.

“If you look at a lot of our opponents, they all had significant issues in their lives, they were very hard-working,” said Katie Packer, the former Virginia House speaker turned TV communications consultant and longtime GOP operative, who is backing Ossoff. “I think what’s most important is, it’s not just the candidates [who are not ready to campaign]. We don’t want our families to feel like they can’t participate in this country.”

“We’평택안마re looking forward to the next 10 days,” she continued.

The candidates are each well-received in one of the most liberal enclaves of Washington: the region’s coastal suburbs, which have traditionally gone for the “outsider” party; they represent a different side of the argument in this election and they reflect the challenges many residents face when a Democratic or Republican wins the White House — and both Trump and Clinton’s pasts are rife with controversial positions on social issues and other social issues. In suburban Maryland, it’s very common to see people of every political party and ethnic group in line at one polling place voting.

The political system, however, is too dysfunctional in places like Harford and other parts of the West to be competitive with the GOP or to win the popular vote, especially if Democrats take the presidential nomination.

In a town where Democrats are only marginall

Act govt awards kingston harbour contract for $25m

Act govt awards kingston harbour contract for $25m

New Zealand is to award an unprecedented $25 million contract to construction firm New Zealand Builders, which will take on the Kingston Harbour project.

The Government has approved the contract for New Zealand Builders to build the $25 million complex over the next five years.

Work on the Kingston Harbour project has been contracted by the Government under a memorandum of understanding between the prime minister and the construction partners.


* Mapping the new ‘Cats Nest’ in Wellington’s CBD

* New Zealand’s first real estate development, Kingston harbour on a shoestring

* A new business park in Auckland’s CBD

“We have agreed to go through a process which will allow New Zealand Builders to do this work, and the delivery of the completed project,” prime minister Bill English 바카라said.

“It will give our young people the opportunity to live in a place of their choosing.”

MARTIN ANDERSON/Stuff The kingston harbour development with hotels, retail stores and luxury homes will be the first of its kind in Auckland.

The $25 million Kingston Harbour development will feature four towers rising up to five storeys.

A new retail centre will be housed at Kingston Harbour’s existing hotel.

The development will include hotel accommodations, dining, retail outlets and entertainment venues, including a concert venue, movie theatres, and an international conference centre.

All of the development’s rooms will feature views of the surrounding sea, the island, and the city.

The $25 million cost includes a 10라이브 카지노 per cent levy on property taxes, with a maximum of $8.5 million due by April 1, 2020.

That money, along with a 10 per cent cap on property transfers, will pay for the development over the life of the contract.

The project comes as New Zealand’s construction sector has been beset by an increasing number of vacancies as companies struggle to fill long-term positions.

MARTIN ANDERSON/Stuff Developers are facing an unprecedented 마사지 가격shortage of jobs, and construction companies report delays in getting projects off the ground.

On Friday, more than 200 Auckland-based private sector construction companies announced they were taking the matter to the Government.

But Minister for Business Anthony Roberts said the industry would continue to work with all affected parties, including building companies and local government.

Auckland Council head of commercial development John Brown said th

Indian athletes kicked out of commonwealth games over syringe problem

Indian athletes kicked out of commonwealth games over syringe problem


Australia has decided to ban some Commonwealth athletes from playing for a second year as a result of a growing problem with doping in world athletics.

About 50 athletes had lef오바마카지노t the competition due to the use of “performance-enhancing drugs” over the past two years, Australian coach Tony Lynam said yesterday.

“Some of them had the drugs in their system, and some of them were doping, and we had to make a very strong decision – which was to make them all miss finals and finals,” Lynam said.

“If you’re going to be involved in the sport you have to be really honest, but we felt this was not the right thing to do.”

The Commonwealth Games in Perth was once the 바카라 게임centrepie포커ce of the sport.

“It is a tremendous opportunity for Australian athletes and is truly one of the most proud things that a country has ever accomplished,” former Australian President Ronald Reagan said in his farewell address in November 1995.

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