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Halatau reveals manly fan abuse with photos of abuse on Facebook

Halatau reveals manly fan abuse with photos of abuse on Facebook

Nelson Matsuoka, the man who posted photos of abusive fans on Facebook, is now facing abuse online after posting photos of it on his official가평출장안마 Facebook page.

Nelson Matsuoka and his fans have been sharing images of them abusing him with caption ‘We all need to work harder’ and ‘Get rid of the fans’, but on Monday, Matsuoka took those comments and added a new comment on the page to prove it all, telling the people behind the abuse: ‘I know you guys are sick of me saying this but don’t ever forget that.’

To read the full post which includes the deleted photos, click here


‘The pictures from the past show how vile people can be. I really like myself and enjoy life as a part of this world. Just as I used to like this world and work as a part of it, I used to love this world too.

‘I have never abused anybody, nor will I ever. We all need to work harder to be like other people and not be so shallow.

‘I don’t care what anyone says or does. I really mean it when I say I love this world.’

‘What really struck me was how many guys from all over the world showed up to my show and made me feel like their life was important to them,’ he continued. ‘My job is to make people smile, so if they don’t like a character like myself who I made to be a “cute anime girl”, well then they should have something else to do than come to my shows and talk to me.

‘It was clear to me that not everyone was nice to me – not the people who showed up to my show, not even the people who wanted to show me a smile. All of them just wanted their own way of expressing themselves and not to me.

‘I think everyone gets that, especially when it’s over a couple of years old. There are a 더킹카지노million ways to express your feelings about someone and that’s just why people are attracted to me, as long as they can understand how that’s not what I actually said about my fans.’


The comments come just weeks after the Japanese media revealed footage in which fans 도박abuse Matsuoka’s friends and fans who appear with him, although no charges have been filed

As the bullying begins to get worse, many of Matsuoka’s fans are telling others how wonderfu

Concerns about tottenhams emergency medical centre

Concerns about tottenhams emergency medical centre

The first-team coach confirmed that he had been told by the FA that an investigation is under way following concerns raised by the medical team about tottenhams emergency medical centre at the Britannia Stadium.

The concerns centre around the quality of care the emergency department provides to players after injuries to the head.

The issue comes after a 16-minute break for the refereeing team to assess tottenhams players after a challenge by the Spanish striker Alvaro Negredo on the Spanish striker Mario Mandzukic in the second half.

The FA has confirmed that no disciplinary action is expected follo카니발 카지노wing the incident that was cleared on film in a replay, and that no further action will be taken against tottenhams.

The세종안마 club has already been advised by the FA of their potential liability for any injury th샌즈 카지노e player suffered and, according to an official statement, a medical investigation has been launched into the incident.

Final witness appears in james hardie inquiry

Final witness appears in james hardie inquiry

Harmonising a dossier of allegations against former prime minister Tony Abbott is likely to further fuel speculation about his relationship with Mr Assange, in what could be another blow to Abbott’s case, although he has been quoted in court documents as telling a US lawyer earlier this year thxo 카지노at he had no memory of the incident. Mr Abbott dismissed the claims as “lies”. In November, the head of a criminal justice taskforce accused WikiLeaks of being behind “attacks of such scale and sophistication, involving the highest levels of government, that it should be treated with the utmost seriousness”.

As a condition of granting Mr Assange leave to remain at the Ecuadorean embassy, the UK is to conduct a major foreign intelligence in온라인 바카라vestigation into claims that Assange’s supporters and former colleagues could have tipp온 카지노ed government secrets to the press before the election. Mr Abbott and Mr Assange are the subject of multiple inquiries into alleged espionage and coercion by David Cameron over their sexual relationship.