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New group to promote regional green energy

New group to promote regional green energy

An alliance of more than 30 environmental출장 마사지, labor, and business groups called Greenlight Energy is launching an effort to create a national green power industry to boost regional economies.

With a goal of growing energy efficiency by 50 percent, Greenlight Energy will establish a national coalition aimed at increasing domestic manufacturing, boosting economic activity in communities from coast to coast and supporting the expansion of renewable energy in the Midwest, according to the organization’s website.

It hopes to hire 800 energy industry professionals and reach an investment level of $3 billion for an energy-focused, national coalition of energy investment companies. That’s part of an ongoing push by some members to create a national network to work toward environmental goals in various industries.

“I think the message [from the region] is, ‘We recognize that we cannot all sit back and take what’s going on in Washington for granted. We can’t just give the federal government a free pass and get on with it as it’s going on for us,'” said Andrew S. Ochoa, an engineer and engineer-in-residence at UC Berkeley’s Department of Industrial Engineering and a member of the alliance. “It’s a huge opportunity to move some of that power.”

A key part of the alliance’s project is the creation of a national network of energy investments companies with specific regional expertise. A new group — the Greenlight Energy Network, or GENN — will bring together investors, policymakers, and local businesses to bring together and facilitate opportunities to invest in green technology and energy-efficient products and services. There’s no such thing as an “idea bank,” said Ochoa, who also serves as vice president for strategic initiatives at Green Lantern Energy.

블랙 잭In addition to the coal-fired power industry, the national coal company, XTO Energy, is the national sponsor, with a planned $7.7 million investment in renewable energy-based equipment. In addition, there is expected to be an addition to the $1블랙 잭1.4 million pledged to the region for the region’s Clean Energy Fund, which will aim to help support community-based wind, solar, and other renewable energy programs.

“Green is part of this national energy coalition that would address some of the same [urban] concerns that were expressed in the energy reform debate. It doesn’t just go out to the suburbs. It’s not just one area. It’s really encompassing the whole region,” said Michael O’Connell, who served as director of the U.S