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Sea shepherd uses drone to hunt whalers in New Zealand

Sea shepherd uses drone to hunt whalers in New Zealand

A South Island man is getting a chance to help the whales by capturing their meat in a new drone project.

The project, called Seal Island, is being run by John Daley, of Oamaru. It aims to document the whales in a similar way as a drone can take pictures for news reports.


“The whales have been completely ignored by the media. We see these big white bulls up on some of the main roads, in the sea, and the media will say, ‘well, they’re whales in the sea’.”

Daley is interested in helping the people of Oamaru.

“They don’t want to go down to their villages and see how their traditional way of life is dying out,” he says.

Daley is u카지노sing a drone on대전 출장 안마 Seal Island so that he can get a better look at what he says are the main threats to whales in the region.

“It’s not the sharks in the water, it’s the whaling ships,” Daley says.

“Whaling has become a lot more aggressive over the years.”

The whalers aren’t exactly a happy bunch either.

Bert Gedh, of Sea Shepherd, tells Morning Report he’s noticed a sharp increase in attacks over the past few years.

He says the attacks, the people coming in from the fishing fleets, and the whales who have been taken to Japan to be bred for meat are all linked.

Gedh says: “The whaling industry is being driven to a point where it’s just not an option anymore, whether it’s a whaling whale that comes to shore or a boat.

“There’s an increasing demand for the product in general.”

Daley says Seal Island is about taking the camera out of the photographers’ hands, and putting a real stake in the ground.

And while Daley says he wants to use the money to help people facing issues, other people think he’s exploit충주출장마사지 충주안마ing their anger, and there’s a movement going around for Seal Island to be outlawed.