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Howard praises centrelink tampering response

Howard praises centrelink tampering response

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has backed up Australia’s new Centrelink sc강남출장마사지 강남안마andal by saying that the government’s response was “a lot better” t온라인 카지노han a previous “failed approach”.

Labor’s shadow treasurer Chris Bowen called on Mr Turnbull to “expose” his Centrelink chief executive, Chris Finlayson, for not properly investigating the fraud.

Federal Liberal MP Paul Flynn said the Coalition’s “failure” in the election had left him feeling his “blood pressure dropping”.

Mr Turnbull’s call came in response to a series of critical pieces in newspapers and radio on Friday on the “blunder-fumble” of Centrelink and the corruption claims against its chief executive, Chris Finlayson.

Earlier on Friday, the Herald Sun broke the story of the scandal, which prompted Labor backbencher David Feeney to call on Mr Turnbull to quit as leader.

Asked about Mr Finlayson, Senator Feeney said “we’ve learned in this room that [Mr Finlayson] is going to face a serious question about what he knew about how this money was being spent before he was chief executive.

“The answers to that have to come from the chief executive if he doesn’t want to get involved.”

Earlier this y카지노 게임 사이트ear, Mr Turnbull responded to two separate allegations of tax avoidance by Mr Finlayson that resulted in him being convicted of criminal contempt.

He said there would “no doubt be repercussions” on anyone “acting or attempting to act in a way that may have had an adverse effect on those people”.

And in December, Senator Feeney said he did not support a further inquiry into allegations that some Centrelink workers were pressured by management to give them extra money, despite the fact they had been “forced to spend some of their pay-pay-pay”.

ABC News’ Jeff Donovan, Matt Kelly, Simon Crean and Sam Colvin contributed to this report.