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Country teachers rally for more pay for teachers in San Francisco

Country teachers rally for more pay for teachers in San Francisco.

San Francisco District 7 Supervisor David Campos, whose district includes Castro, asked for an increase to the school teacher pension this month.

But the board rejected his request, saying it could force teachers who work in school districts near BART or those on BART-owned property to accept lower salaries than they otherwise would get.

Campos said the state could be left in the dark about how to best fund BART maintenance and operation if this bill is approved.

“It’s not right and it’s not fair,” Campos told KCBS-TV. “That’s why this is not the time to start trying to build that kind of bureaucracy.”

The legislation would bring in a $75,000 funding cut each year over 20 years, and would have an increase in annual inflation, Campos said.

State Assemblyman Joe Buscaino, who sponsored the bill, said it is needed now because of “a serious fiscal crisis in the Bay Area.” He said the district has been running an $11.7 billion deficit while teachers have experienced skyrocketing demands for services, and the state is short $75 million every year in education바카라 funds.

But some teachers and union officials contend that BART is using existing revenues to fund what it considers excessive executive pay.

“We need to fund our own operations and operating expenses as we have been for the last three years,” Buscaino said, referring to a $19.5 million BART cut this year.

He added that there are ways BART could get some of that money. “They have already been told that their operating expenses are the lowest in our system,” Buscaino said. “We will be looking to find ways to use that information to get some $1 billion dollars that we should be using, and we will use all of that money to get the rest of BART to pay their e전주출장마사지강남 마사지mployees fair compensation.”

The pension increases would go to teachers who work in BART districts outside the city.

BART Chief Executive Officer Livable Communities Commissioner Michael Antoniades acknowledged the potential for cost-saving measures, though he said he has no plans to implement any measures that directly cost the age구리출장샵ncy millions of dollars each year.

He also did not disclose how the new money might be spent.