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Wetlands oil rain sludge is produced from wetlands by the hydrofracking industry in Alberta

Wetlands oil rain sludge is produced from wetlands by the hydrofracking industry in Alberta. (Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

The water is a perfect storm for oil and gas exploration, the industry believes.

Oil prices surged in December and January and the industry is hoping a more intense drilling operation in the Arctic will give new confidence to oil companies.

“This is a great time to be drilling in포커 족보 an unstable environment,” said Dan Dolan, owner of the Calgary-based Canadian Petroleum Performance Institute.

Dolan says while oil prices were at a $100 oil price in April and May, he says they’re at $200.

“If you get the right combination of conditions, you’re going to win.”

This picture shows the Gulf of Mexico as seen by the National Weather Service. (Photo: NASA/GSFC)

He says an increase in the oil-and-gas production may cause more drilling in the area but will not cause earthquakes in the area.

The US Geological Survey says there was an increase in seismic activity in the region in January with a record 6.2 magnitude earthquake in North Cascades National Park and about 5.3 in the Salish Sea.

Dolan says the region has experienced “an incredible amount of activity” on land that co오피uld cause damage.

“If they were to damage the land, we’d all be in trouble. Our industry is really struggling to handle that,” he said.

But other oil and gas producers agree with Dolan.

David Lough, an executive with Suncor Energy in the Athabasca Basin, said oil companies are trying to get more efficient drilling and other processes to cut costs.

Suncor spokesman Matt Grant says there’s been an increase in oil production for the company this year and that’s helped save money for sharehol카지노ders.

Grant says one key to a production surge is the industry’s ability to get more refined products out to the market.

He said that may also be why there are “a significant number of projects” in the Athabasca Basin today.

“While some of the projects are well below capacity they have produced products that were developed more economically on a per-barrel basis,” he said.

That cost-savings approach seems to be succeeding in many Canadian projects.

Gulf of Mexico, Great Plains

The U.S. Geological Survey says there were seven earthquakes recorded in areas in northeastern B.

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