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Two suspects identified over death of liam davies

Two suspects identified over death of liam davies

A man killed by police after firing at officers last night, including a number of officers from another force, is to get an inquest into his death.

Liam Davies, 24, was shot dead at the scene of the shooting on Hallett Street, Walthamstow after he threatened members of the public with an assault rifle and stabbed at officers using a knife.

His friend, 22-year-old Martin McEwan, is also being prosecuted over the incident, and will go before the Criminal Cases Review Commission in July.

The pair’s actions have not led to any criminal charges, but Mr McEwan was arrested last night. A court date has been set for May 27.

Liam Davies killed by police in Hallett St: how his death sparked the investigation

Davies shot at a squad of officers and, in the early hours of this morning, he was found with a bullet hole to his right temple – a gun that was later found empty.

Speaking about his death last night at the hearing, Detective Inspector Mark Phillips of Havering Crown Prosecution Service said: “During our search of the area, we found the shooting victim’s bag. We believe that he was wearing an off-duty outfit at the time, and as a result ther경주안마e was also one bullet from the police gun found in the bag as well.”

He continued: “It is a very unfortunate circumstance that this person, a young young man, had his life put at risk in this manner, especially as we believe they were responding to an incident and that there was a threat and an attempt to commit a crime with a firearm.

“We are very conscious that in those cases in which a person is convicted for a death, it is considered very important for them to face justice, and this person did not deserve to die.”

A post mortem examination is due to take place on June 21.

Police said the shooting took place at around 7.25pm last night, but a number of officers were called to a 진주출장안마 진주안마nearby shop after reports of a “verbal altercation between two men” inside.

Two밤 의 전쟁 officers involved in the incident received minor injuries.

Following the incident, police said: “Two men have been arrested on suspicion of murder. We know that the victim of the shooting is not alone, he is believed to have been wounded in the altercation.”

An initial post mortem examination concluded that the victi

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