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Malmsbury inmates escape after riot

Malmsbury inmates escape af가평출장샵원나잇ter riot

(Image: Facebook/Eliza B)

As the inmates prepared to escape from the prison, the authorities fired teargas and stun grenades into the prison where hundreds of them lived on the grounds, causing more than 200 injuries.

At least two died after being sprayed by police before a mass escape XO 카지노in which more than 200 officers were involved.

Four were killed and others suffered severe injuries as the officers turned their guns against themselves and other inmates.

One man was shot in the chest while another, who was standing next to him, was badly in슬롯 머신jured.

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One officer was also hurt in a confrontation at his squad car.

At least one of the escapees managed to escape on foot.

A woman and a child survived the riot after being shot by officers in the face by riot vans.

He had not been carrying a weapon in the escape, according to the officer’s family.

The attack started near the main entrance of the complex, a mile from the main prison where the inmates live.

Officers were able to surround the building and put their stun guns on guard.

Two officers were also injured by firecrackers which were thrown at them and one officer was knocked to the ground by a rock thrown at them.

(Image: BBC)

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At around 10.20am a second riot van set off with a further police vehicle towards Eliza B’s room and another away to another room on the roof.

A woman and children in the other room began to escape, including one who got through a balcony window to go to the garden across the road.

Another man on the roof was injured in the chaos as he tried to get across.

A woman, aged in her 50s, had previously told how she was watching television when they heard the explosions going off.

As one of the officers fired through the rear window with a stun gun, he got a hold of one of his hands when he was hit.

(Image: Getty)

There are four officers with his hands up, so he grabbed the gun in an effort to save his friend.

He was taken to hospital in a critical condition.

Two officers who were injured were later taken from the buildin

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